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Pilgrimage Series #1 (The Purple Butterfly)

This is a allegory of a spiritual journey. There is a story/poem that comes with each work. Future work on the series coming soon!

Poem (first part of the story) :

We have always lived in the arid lowlands
How we got here is a mystery to be known
We just are: Taz, Akuju and myself
At night, sitting here on the dry sand

Taz, best friend and my protector sleeps
Akuji, my pet and my companion, flutters
Myself, gazing and staring at the sky
Sitting here, drifting off, my thoughts deep

My eyes start to close, but my attention awakes
I squint to see what is in the distance
A halo of light floats closer
An apocryphal lies before me, I double take

I stare, absolutely mesmerized
Can the stories be true? A purple butterfly?
This one is particular: it flys alone
And yet its magic and light is emphasized

This an allegory of a spiritual journey. I choose the butterfly because it represents change or transformation. The purple butterfly represents a spiritual awakening. The black one is named Akuji which means “dead and awake” and it represents the soul before a spiritual transformation.
Taz is a character that will come into play later.

I hope you enjoy and this inspires you!

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